Grupo AgroColombia is a company that has been made up by farmers and agripreneurs, they have worked in the countryside for several generations.

Camila Gómez is our Founder and CEO, a woman who was born and raised in the countryside, her parents are famers and have worked in the field their entire life, since her childhood, Camila has grown up loving the nature as her parents taught her, also his grandfather José Jesús Gómez taught her the secrets of growing until the last day of his life, in which with his adorable and old hands he sowed the final legacy that he would leave on the land, this example grew as a seed inside Camila making her to develop knowledge, strength and decision to run a company dedicated to highlighting Colombian agricultural heritage and impacting the whole world through exporting fresh produce.

This global vision of Colombian agriculture was shared with other agripreneurs, with a strong agricultural tradition also, they decided to join and invest their knowledge, resources, and time in the building of a fresh produce export company. So, teamwork, human talent, diversity, creativity, innovation, equity, peace promotion and the care of culture and nature are the elements contained in the land in which this company has been grown. 

“Women, we are the force that moves society, from our homes and jobs we are the ones who give our children, husbands, friends and colleagues support, tranquility and tenderness when they need them; we always serve a bit of love in the meals that provides life quality to our families, that is why there is no better food than homemade food, and it becomes much more delicious even when it is made with ingredients that were grown by the hands of everyone at home, because in every affectionate scratch we give to the earth for sowing a seed, we leave part of our life, our essence and our culture”. 


Camila Gómez, Montes de María, Colombia, 25th March 2021.