About us

“We sow with love, harvest with tradition and export with responsibility”.


Grupo AgroColombia is a company dedicated to growing and export agricultural goods from our homeland, also to the design of sustainable production projects, by ensuring the availability of agrifoods all year round, a fair price with a better stability, quality, safety and the protection of environment, land, life and dignity of the people who work in the field.


We are a company that exports agrifoods and manages sustainable agricultural production projects to meet the needs of in terms of quality, quantity, continuity, and commercial stability demanded by superfoods agripreneurs around the world, ensuring throughout the productive and commercial line the protection of countryside culture, nature, gender equity, social and environmental justice, and peace.


In 2026, we will be an agrifood exporter company that manages sustainable agricultural production projects in all regions of Colombia, through global partnerships with growers associations, government bodies, international companies, and organizations, creating a network that ensures business growth, consumer health, the dignity of producers and the conservation of culture and nature.


In 2050, we will be a business group made up of different agricultural companies leading the fruits and vegetables trading market in the world, whose purpose will come together to exploring regions; designing, planning and manage sustainable agricultural production projects around the world, ensuring the food safety for customers and strengthening farming businesses under a scheme of protection, restoration, and conservation of cultural and ecological diversity.

Corporate policies

  • Design own crop plans for each P&PP client.
  • Sow in suitable lands depending on products variety.
  • Promote gender equity in commercial and productive lines.
  • Ensure that there is no land violence or socio-environmental conflicts.
  • Cultivate with good practices that protect nature, health of consumers and dignity of growers.
  • Ensure supply of superfoods during the whole year with P&PP.
  • Preserve quality and food safety in our supply chain. 
  • Allow P&PP clients a real-time control in harvest processes.
  • Deliver superfoods in right times and right places.
  • Adapt permanently commercial strategies to global trends and circumstances.

Corporate values